Realism with DAZ Studio and 3Delight: Gamma Correction Demystified

Gamma Correction Figure A
Figure A: Example of a portrait using Gamma Correction and Subsurface Scattering

Realism, Why Bother?

Realism as a topic for artists often inspires the question: “Why bother, when we could just take a photograph?” Well, personally I appreciate art from a diverse set of genres, many of which have little to do with realism. However “suspension of disbelief” is a concept I strive for in my own work. So for me, those realistic elements, are vital.

When I watch a movie, I love it when a special effect is good enough to seem plausible. Moreover, I like knowing that the potential for creating something just as convincing, sits waiting in my PC. To that end Daz Studio is an excellent free way to try your hand at 3D rendering.

For many years 3Delight was the only renderer available for Daz Studio. But with the recent arrival of alternative renderers like Lux, Octane, and now Iray, clearly more realism is in demand. What you may not know is that 3Delight possesses hidden power for creating more realistic renders. You just need to know how to take advantage of it.

So in this article, I’m going to focus on improving the look of human skin by using Gamma Correction. Bear in mind though, this really applies to just about any surface in your scene.

Note: This post is essentially a repeat of my original post in the forums at Sometimes Forum posts end up MIA, when Daz makes updates to their website. So I want to be sure everyone continues to have access to this information.


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Open post
Digital Artist: Chris Parrish, Asian Screen Print

Digital Artist: Which Type Are You?…

Talented or Hard Working?

Notice with my question about being a digital artist that I gave you only two choices? Well, there’s a reason for that … which I will get to eventually. But I think we often recognize a digital artist for having talent. We are less likely to think what makes them stand out is the result of a lot of hard work.

It’s always great to have people you respect and care about pay you a compliment. So I feel greatly blessed when people in my life call me “talented”. For some reason though that title never quite sat right with me, and now I think I know why. Recently I read a book by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D, called Mindset. It’s a great read which has freed me up in ways I’m very grateful for. It’s also helped me define why being a digital artist and 3d content provider is so important to me. Thank you, Carol. Note that this is not a plug for the book, just an honest recommendation. 
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