3D Portfolio
General Portfolio Information

3D Can seem pretty foreign to those who are unfamiliar, so here are a few terminology definitions.

  • 3D – In this context, 3D involves a virtual environment that allows you to view elements from any angle. This is the same technology that is used heavily in special effects for Movies and TV. Often the process for creating virtual models mimics how you might construct them in the real world. This is why 3D modeling is often referred to as sculpting.
  • Texturing – As you might imagine, this involves coloring and texturing the surfaces of the 3D model.
  • Rigging –  This is the process of engineering how a model will bend.
  • Rendering – is the process of controlling how the computer draws the scene you have composed. Finished renders can take the computer anywhere from minutes to days depending on complexity.

Most images in this section focus on my original creations or products (robots, vehicles, fantastical characters). With them I’m showcasing my skills at 3D modeling, texturing, and rigging. All renders (scene and lighting composition) were created by me. Some background elements (buildings, props, scenery) were developed by another artist or photographer (all such either collaborative or permission granted).

January 1, 2004 to Present