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Bot Genesis

Bot Genesis is a complete robot character for Daz 3D’s Genesis figure featuring a sleek futuristic design with retro elements reminiscent of Aikobot. It is also a versatile toolkit for creating all manor of cyborgs with Genesis. It shares the same exterior material groups and UVs (V4 default) as Genesis so you can use any texture made for the Victoria 4 figure. The low profile design of Bot Genesis means the figure can wear most clothing and hair without poke through, and mechanical parts can be loaded individually or as a set.

Yet of all its features, probably the most important is the way Bot Genesis works with the vast morphing capabilities of the Genesis figure. When it comes to morphs, Genesis is extremely versatile because it can morph into so many shapes:  Male, Female, Super Hero, Child, Gorilla, Michael, Victoria, Aiko, Hiro, The Freak, The Girl, just to name a few. And with every variation the rigging changes because it needs to match the change in proportions. So Bot Genesis was engineered to keep it’s mechanical joint centers in sync with Genesis, modify its angles, and scale its mechanisms to the appropriate size for each of Genesis’s many shapes. This product is available for purchase here at Daz 3D.

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