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BotMoto is a supercharged custom motorcycle for Daz Studio with a sleek futuristic design. It transforms into a jet hover bike as actuated mechanics pivot to reveal rear jets and hover turbines underneath. All of this is fully rigged and animatable along with wheels, steering, independent suspensions, and more. Material presets and hidden geometry allow this model to transform into a light cycle with glowing engine accents, and polymer resin tires that reveal neon lights inside. Wheel guards and windshield can also be hidden and rustic material presets applied for a meaner appearance. Rear pegs and sport handlebars can also be swapped for front pedals and ape hangers, changing BotMoto into a cruiser. The model is a highly optimized mesh, so that every component responds correctly to subdivision.

This bike is my own design, though I definitely drew inspiration from a variety of sources. It was modeled in Silo, textured in Photoshop, with shaders developed in Daz Studio. It is available for purchase here at Daz 3D.

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