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IBL Master for Daz Studio is a lighting controller combined with a new IBL light shader that provides a synchronized Image Based Lighting experience for both Iray and 3Delight. Its innovative IBL Light unlocks the hidden power of 3Delight in Daz Studio, rivaling Iray’s Environment light in both quality and speed. Since 3Delight’s optimized code leverages the CPU rather than GPU, this speed is achieved without the need for a high-end Nvidia card. IBL Master is available for purchase here at Daz 3D.

Chris Parrish Design created this lighting product with help from key developers at 3Delight and Daz 3D. During the production cycle, it was discovered that Daz Studio did not have the means for sending the correct IBL coordinate information in scene to the 3Delight renderer, so users couldn’t control the direction of the light. Likewise, DAZ studio’s version of 3Delight lacked a written IBL shader that was adequate to the task. So I am very proud of the work I did in troubleshooting and ultimately deducing a workable solution on both ends. I am also very grateful to developers at DAZ and 3Delight for generously donating their time to this cause, because it quite literally would not have been possible without them.

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