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Macro Eyes

Macro Eyes is a super detailed set of eye textures, Iray Uber shaders, and custom eye morphs for Daz Studio’s Genesis 3 Male and female figures. It brings a whole new level of realism to Iray renders with the double-click of a preset.This collection of 48 beautiful, real world eye colors ,ranging from subtle to brilliant, gives users lots of new eye options for characters development. But the true advantage comes into play with close-ups and portraiture. Every part of the eye has been enhanced to make the most out of Iray’s Physically Based Rendering. With Macro Eyes, surface boundaries blend gracefully into one another just like in real life. And the hand enhanced, double resolution, photo based detail for color and modulated normal maps may lead you to question whether you are looking at a close-up render you just made or a prime example of Macro Photography.

Chris Parrish Design created this product for Daz Studio users. It is available for purchase here at Daz 3D.

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