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Macro Skin

Macro Skin texture maps were assembled using high resolution, full-body photo-reference from multiple angles, with extra care given to capturing in scale detail including the scalp. additionally this skin texture set has a super detailed set of photo/hand crafted/software modulated normal and bump maps with micro bumps(8K for torso and limbs, adding even smaller bumps on top of the ones you are used to seeing – just like real skin). Macro Skin uses these height maps to drive specular bump detail instead of “specular screening”(pore level detail specular contrast maps). This means that bump details vary more, based on lights and viewing angle, rather than the contrast being “burned in”. The set is also accompanied by custom skin shaders is developed which utilize gamma correction.

Macro Skin is the result of extensive experimentation and research as well as a lot of painting and stitching. Maps were painted in Photoshop, displaced in Knald, and shaders were created in Daz Studio using Shader Mixer. The set is available for purchase here at Daz 3D.

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