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Macro Wet Maps

Macro Wet Maps is a map and custom shader combination for Daz Studio. It loads on a geometry shell, so all presets and adjustments for this product are made without modifying the existing character. It features super detailed 8K specular and displacement maps for the body. The custom shader utilizes multiple speculars to describe moist skin and liquid volume independently. It casts realistic shadows from displacement onto the skin while preventing shadows from casting on the inside of the drops and drips. Blocking this interior shadow combined with an additional reflected specular simulates the effect of interior caustics without the high overhead or need for a caustics camera. In addition to familiar surface parameters, the shader provides control over specular models, Glossy (sharp specular), Cast Shadow Strength, Shadow Color, Shadow Blur, Fresnel Reflection, and Gamma Correction.

Macro Wet Maps were hand painted in Photoshop and the custom shaders were built within Daz Studio using Shader Mixer. The product is available for purchase here at Daz 3D.

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