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Universal Wet Maps

Universal Wet Maps (and Orcamaid) is a combination mermaid character and wet skin texture set. At the time of its creation, Daz 3D had made a wet skin texture set which was very popular. However, the wetness details for that set were a part of the regular color maps, so it couldn’t be combined with other character /skins. Universal Wet Maps was therefore so named, because it was the first wet skin product in the Daz 3D shop that allowed you to add wet skin effects to any existing Vicotoria 4, Aiko 4, or The Girl 4 character. These specular texture maps load into the specular channel without disturbing the color, bump, and other map channels. For more variety, the set provides presets for three different sets of maps: very wet, wet light (less drops and drips), and a drops only version. Additionally, the set includes a mermaid character set that is sleek, toned, curvy and exotic with the markings of a killer whale and fins instead of a single tail.

This product is available for purchase here at Daz 3D.

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