Asian Inspired

This portfolio features several images that were inspired by Asian art, more specifically Japanese art, for the most part. I would say that a substantial portion of my independent work is on some level inspired be Japanese culture. This is, I think, at least partially because so many Japanese artists apply meticulous detail and an acute sense of balance to their work. While I admire the work of a great many Japanese Artists, certainly the influence of  Hajime Sorayama is obvious, since he is the undisputed father of the Sexy Robot concept.

In contrast, there is also often an element of simplicity or purity present in Japanese art which I am drawn to, which counterbalances objects of high level detail. Certainly, detail doesn’t need to be everywhere, and sometimes just the lusciousness of a smooth gradient of color can invoke a sense of peace and tranquility in imagery. For example, Kagaya is a master of this in my opinion, and I could spend all day looking at his work.

Originally I was drawn to Airbrush as a medium, because of the ease with which you can forge a smooth transition from one color to another. However, these days when I incorporate gradients or smooth transitions into my graphic design work, I find that Adobe Illustrator is very adept for this purpose.

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